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The day we met was the start

My heart was jumping from happiness

You could be my counterpart

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I was so blessed.


For the short period of time

We made memories

Memories that feels like a lifetime,

Unbound mysteries.


Your love, your hug and your kiss

In my heart, those are full of bliss

We enjoy every single moment,

Heart to heart, flesh to flesh.


We made a pact that we will be together no matter what,

And now that pact that we promise… gone.

I’m asking myself what happened?

and you answer me, it’s over….


I was crying because what happened to us.

I thought we will be forever

I thought in we are fighting of each other

But I’m the only one left fighting.


You left me in such  a selfish way.

Everything that we planned for us, washed away.

You left me my counterpart,

and here I am, falling apart.








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