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Being a Christian doesn’t mean you will live a life that is happily ever after. The struggles you will face is much more than the witches and unlikely creatures we always had read. It is something inside us that will likely weigh us down – fear, worries, doubts, insecurities and everything that the enemy will throw at us to keep us off track.

1. The struggles you face will crush your heart and pound it into pieces.

Horrible isn’t it? But whether we like it or not, there will be a time that God will put our faith into test. A disease, disaster or maybe a drastic change of plans. It’s like starting over again without even knowing where to start. It will rob you like a thief, leaving a scar patched on your heart. Does that scare you? No, it shouldn’t! Remember when Job lost everything that he had? All his possessions are gone, even his loved ones. Then I realized that maybe, God allows these struggles to crush our hearts so that He can fully restore it according to His will. Sometimes, not getting what we want is so much better than having it.

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2. It will give you a new perspective.

Imagine yourself holding a piece of paper with a small dot in it. The small dot on the paper represents the struggles we face. We tend to be consumed on why’s, how’s and what it’s upon dealing with such. We have set our minds on how are we going to solve the problem. No, it’s not wrong to think about the possible solutions we need to do to solve such. But the thing is, we forgot the “what’s” of the problem. What are the things God wants me to learn upon facing this kind of situation? What is that one area of my life that needs to be checked? On the other hand, the clean part of the paper represents you. Those series of problems you face will eventually form their places like connecting the dots. A masterpiece beneath scars. The next time you encounter one, don’t ask how or why. Ask what!

3. It will make you feel powerless.

Let’s face it, we all want to control. It’s like “I don’t need anyone’s help. I can manage.” We are in constant desire of driving our paths by our own decisions and reasoning. Yes, it’s good that you have plans to improve yourself. The bad thing is, we forgot the essence behind these. In one snap, it’s about us and not about Him. I clearly remember what my best friend told me weeks ago, “Minsan, mali rin yung mind set na hindi ka naman bibigyan ni Lord ng mga struggles na hindi mo kayang i-handle. Minsan may mga binibigay si Lord na hindi talaga natin kayang i-handle. Yung sa sobrang hirap sa Kanya ka na lang talaga kakapit.” Now I know why. We are given this one situation to remind us how great our God is – that apart from Him we are nothing. Our mind says, “I can do it on my own.” But God says, “I want to do it with you.” A wake up call indeed.

4. You may not understand it…for now.

I always do what the Lord wants. I’m living a life according to His will. Why me? Exactly the point! You have devoted your life to Jesus and along with it are the plans God wants for your life. These plans involve a lot of change for you and the people around you. If God will not allow pain and suffering then when will you learn? If God will not bring you to certain situations then when will you feel the need to step up your Christianity? No one really learns without leaving his/her comfort zone.

5. It will make you love Him even more.

PAIN = LOVE . The pain we had and will have is little compared to what Jesus did on the cross 2,000 years ago. Do you have problems? Lay it to me, God says. Do you feel condemned? I love you, God says. Do you feel like there’s too much pressure on you? Relax and give it to me, God says. We will never face those problems alone. We have someone who can provide, restore and fulfill. He is faithful on whatever circumstances we have. In fact, He’s living inside you.

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