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And I know there are days that you want life to slow down, to stop for a moment, that there are times that you want the world to stop chasing you and let you breathe. There are days that you want to stop all the battles and start living in the comfort and peace you are longing for. You want to be fought for instead of being the fighter, you want to be understood instead of drowning in the sea of confusion.

If I have learned anything over the past years, it’s that you have to always be ready to fight battles on your own. That the hardest battles aren’t the ones happening around you, because most of the time it happens in your inner most heart, inside your mind, inside your soul, creeping in your spine, hanging on your rib cages, squeezing your bones.

I know you there are nights that you want the world to stop chasing you. You want to stop running away trying to escape the heaviness of the tears you are trying to hold back from falling. You want the world to stop by for a moment and let it rest your feet from running through the stones that makes you bleed.

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I know you want to know if your heart still beats, that it is still capable of beating despite of the bruises and cracks, despite the fact that it is breaking apart. I know you want to lay down and close your eyes from what you thought a beautiful reality, you want to stop hearing those voices you once thought are lullabies and mellows. You want to stop feeling the air that you thought would embrace you and keep you from numbing but instead, left you out in the cold and didn’t bother if you are freezing.

You are tired. You are exhausted. You are worn out. You are consumed. You are torn apart. You are living through the pieces of shattered dreams, promises, and hope. Maybe you think that the things you once dreamed of seeing are the same things that will make you blind, too. That the moments you are waiting for are the same exact moments that will break your heart. Maybe the voices you once dreamed of hearing are the same voices that will break your heart to the sound of goodbyes and farewells.

But remember, I guess what keeps you going is knowing that we all get what we are deserving in the end. I believe that the universe will make it all equal after all. Because just as things change for the worse than what we thought, it can also change for the better, or possibly for the best. If there are things we lost as we fight, if there are things that suddenly disappears, life can surprise you with a new set of blessings and rewards simply because you are truly deserving and worthy of it.

Yes, you may not win every battle, you might not get all the answers you are needing, you might not end up with what you thought you could be but as long as you know how to fight back and muster all the courage and bravery within you, all is not gone because at the end of the day, what’s important is you are not lost, you are one brave human being living and surviving through it all.

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