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Relationship Tips from #Coffee

Life begins after coffee! yung kapeng matapang at kaya kang ipaglaban
True love is like brewed coffee: It takes time and effort. Kung nagmamadali ka, 3-in-1 bagay sa’yo — …

Two Warriors

“I promise to fight for you, and with you.”
I got published in the July-August issue of Health & Home Magazine. It was a piece I had written and originally posted …

Wag All Out! Set Boundaries!

Another important aspect of a relationship is to respect each other’s personal boundaries. A boundary is a property line that defines where you end, and someone else begins. Good relationships …

I Cannot Pursue You Yet

I cannot pursue you
And I might never do.
I may be starting to like you a lot, in more ways than I had expected.
I like all your good things, your beauty, …