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“First love never dies.” That is what they say. Well, it’s cute and sweet – ending up with your first love. But what if things don’t work out? How would you feel about this?


When we were young, some of us hoped that the first person that we’ll be in a relationship with would be our last. And we even prayed for it for the longest time. Just like in most fairytales where the princesses marry their princes, their knight in shining armor. But then, this is not a fairytale and we are not princesses.

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Blessed are those who found “The One” on their first try. Sometimes, I envy them because they haven’t experienced the pain of being left behind, of being heartbroken. But maybe, they do, too, and they’re just lucky that their partners chose to be with them in the end.


When we love someone, we tend to give our all to that person. We give them the best treatment. We love them with all our heart. We fight for them, most especially in our prayers. We don’t easily give up on them.


‘Cause when you’re fifteen,

Somebody tells you they love you

You’re gonna believe them

And when you’re fifteen

Feeling like there’s nothing to figure out


When we fall in love for the first time, our young heart is still naïve, unexposed to the pain that love may bring. Our minds are set to our definition of “happy ending”. And this “happy ending” is with them, our first love.  Sometimes, we hold on to this relationship too much not realizing that it is not healthy anymore. We thought that if we adjust to their liking, our relationship will last. We thought that if we forgive and forget their mistakes and mistreatments, they will eventually change and treat us better or treat us just like how we want to be treated.


We tend to hold on to our first love because we have this idea that they are our endgame, the one for us. We are afraid to let go of the relationship because we are comfortable to it and we became used to compromise to what’s favorable for them. We adjust so that they would stay with us. But is it worth all the pains?


Back then I swore I was gonna marry him someday

But I realized some bigger dreams of mine


Love, let me tell you this. It’s okay if you won’t end up with your first love. Especially, if you are being mistreated, taken for granted, and unloved. I know this is hard but choose to let go. Choose yourself over this superficial love. At first, it will be difficult but eventually, you will be happier.

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