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Let go of anger and leave rage behind! Don’t get upset-it will only lead to evil.

Psalm 37:8

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Sometimes we need the cold hard truth; why? Because the truth will not only set us free but make us better. But most often, we are stubborn to listen. 


We are clouded by our judgement and pain that everything we do out of anger seems justified. Of course, there’s a difference between listening and filtering toxicity and knowing who the people are advising or guiding you out of love.

Do your best to see things from a different perspective and remember there are always two sides to every story. It’s not always about them but you especially on how you act or speak out of anger. 


Did you break your phone out of anger? Punched the wall out of frustration? Said hurtful words to loved ones to get back at them?

We’ve all done those things at some point in our lives since our emotions consume us, and the next thing we know is we’re in the middle of the aftermath of the destruction. Guilt, fear and anxiety rushed in immediately after the high of hatred.

Sometimes, we feel satisfaction for letting our anger out into someone or something; angry at your ex for cheating on you? So you showed him what he lost by having a one night stand. Mad for your co-worker’s success in the workplace? so you planned to sabotage her next presentation to get a chance on that promotion. Angry at your dad for leaving you? so you throw forgiveness out of the window.


We don’t realize that the things that we do out of anger lead us to our destruction. Our stubbornness and pride create dividing walls filled with thorny bushes, and that wall becomes impenetrable.

If we let anger and hatred get in our hearts, how will the spirit of Jesus fill us? How can we show the world that we’re Christ-like or salt and light to the earth through our actions and words? 


Whenever we’re angry, we are absorbed by how we feel, that we don’t see anything else, and any voice of reason just wouldn’t cut through you. The people who love and care for you will tell you painful things that you don’t want to hear for your betterment. 


Don’t push them away and dismiss their constructive criticisms. Don’t let anger cloud your judgement to the point where they just become hopeless in your capability to change for the better.


Hate or anger is a powerful emotion since it has the power to start wars and change the course of history, but nothing is more life-changing and hope-filled than having empathy and love for yourself and others.


Honestly, in a world where cutting off toxic relationships and going your own way, just because you think you’re right is not always a good thing.


Your anger is a sign that your heart is not in the right place; surrender it to the Lord, let him do the work in you. 


It’s easier said than done to practice self-control but trust me it will help you. The last thing you want is to lose the people you love out of pride and anger.


And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you, I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.- Ezekiel 36:26


When you read the Bible, it mainly consists of love letters, stories and songs of love and praise, but then look again, and you’ll see how our God warns us about our selfish and prideful selves. We put ourselves and our emotions first above everything and forget who we are, which made our God sad and angry.


You would ask, does God get angry? Yes, of course, look at the story of Noah.

But after that story, he gave us a promise and proved his faithfulness to us even if we’re stubborn.


So if God gets angry, then I can be mad too! The answer is a resounding yes since you are human, and your emotions are valid, but what is dangerous is when you let your anger go out of control.

Think about it whenever do people ask you; Why are you always angry? Or tell you there’s no need to shout when your mom is talking to you, or you’re always picking fights with everyone all the time, what are they trying to make you realize?


You have to ask yourself these questions:


Don’t you get tired of being angry all the time?

Why does everyone around you keep saying the things you have to change again and again?

How can you be better?

Why am I angry all the time?


Again, anger is a sign that you’re hurting internally. It would help if you let that pain or struggle go, but you cannot do it all by yourself.

Letting go is never easy, but it is essential for our growth. Listening and being open may be new to you, but you’ll realize how anger has ruined or distorted your perceptions of things. If you think your pain or anger is too much for God, I beg to differ.


Aren’t we a child of God? Nothing is impossible to him; all we have to do is call out to him and believe that he will make us better. It’s a step by step process, of course, just like any recovery journey or treatment.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, which is why having faith is essential and also admitting that you’re wrong and practising forgiveness. 


 One good example is how hatred and anger can lead to destruction is the death of Jesus, but take note it’s not just a story of defeat but also redemption.

The Pharisees may succeed in getting Jesus killed, but God still remains victorious in the end. Love and mercy changed the course of history and made millions of millions of souls saved through salvation.


The thing is that anger can poison our thoughts which is why we do evil things whenever we’re angry or out of spite; let the Holy Spirit talk to you whenever you think your anger is getting the most of you. Breathe, and call out to God. You can also practice techniques on how to deal with your anger. 


Here are the steps you can do:




One of the best things you can do is meditate, breath in and out, and pray.

Meditation can help you have a clear head and see things before it gets blurry. You can also try yoga and other activities to calm your mind, whether it’s drawing or listening to worship songs on repeat.


2.Write in your journal


Journaling your feelings away can help you process your emotions and understand the situation even more. You can also write in your devotional notebook or prayer journal and pour your heart out to the Lord in written form.


3.Think before you act


This step may be tricky and more challenging to implement, but then thinking before you act or speak can save you tons of tears and regrets. Remember, before you say or do anything in the middle of your anger or conflict, ask yourself will it glorify God?


4.Go out for a walk


Get some fresh air in your system by going out for a walk (safely, of course) or step out of the house or the situation that is causing you to be angry or aggravated, it’s one of the techniques that you can do to dissipate the problem and stop yourself from spiralling out of control.


5.Surrender to God


Cast all your anxiety to him because he cares for you.-1 Peter 1:7


Surrendering is not a form of weakness, but it’s a sign of strength since you’re letting go of the harmful things for you and doing what is best.

Voice out your issues and problems to the Lord, seek his help in navigating your anger management issues and touch the people around you to help you out. Be humble enough to acknowledge your faults and go to him as you are. 


6.Seek a mental health professional


Having faith is one thing, but if you think your anger management issues are making you hurt yourself or the people around you, then a mental health professional can help you gain clarity and techniques to curb your anger.


Don’t be afraid to seek help, especially if you think your mental health is being jeopardized. Remember that our minds are where the battlefield of our faith; counsellors will encourage you and help you get better. 


Seeking help is your way of committing to being better and a form of self-love by taking care of what God gave you.


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