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So you’re here to find out what terribly went wrong how she’s gone and left you but footprints and thoughts? 

Now you missed her laughs? Without even noticing how she faked her smiles everytime you messed up and forgives you easily.

Now you missed her cuddles? How about the times she’s longing for you but you’re too busy and don’t want to reach out thinking that she’s strong enough to carry on.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Now you missed her kiss? Yes, that’s the sweetest thing to reminisce for the both of you, but how about the tears she shed alone and weary waiting for you to fetch her? Stand still for messages or calls that makes her stare all day long.

Women don’t easily give up. But when we do, and decided to turn another chapter, chances of winning our hearts is below the ground. Can be Yes or No, but the feelings are not strong as it used to be, and will possibly end up with nothing. We always want the best for you, got your back and cover you up vigorously. But then seasons changed like hot to warm then suddenly it’s cold. Time is just irrelevant as nothing changed but a repetition. And abruptly, we started to pissed off, but then, we always try to put the puzzles even if it hurts. Until the day we started to give up and fix ourselves, pain and regrets are the only reasons to move on. We can still hear you but we’re numb and desensitized to go back. Because we know that there’s a lot in store out there to settle for another reiteration. How complicated we are? It’s clearly to see that its FAIR enough to put on our shoes and walk away. So don’t ask “What went wrong?” “What makes her change?” or ask yourself for a closure, because  i’m gonna slap you to go back and read again, sweetie.

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