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My first love, you have taught me a lot of things about love. You set my foundation about it. You showed me how painful it can get and how much pain I can take before I give up. You taught me how exciting each day can get just by merely seeing your presence. You taught me how to forgive and love endlessly. You taught me that no matter how mad I am; it will never erase the love I felt. You taught me to hope and see endless possibilities no matter how small the chances may be. You taught me to understand that most things aren’t meant for me.


My closest friend, you taught me to love again. You taught me to take chances again and not to give up. You taught me a different kind of love. Something that made a better version of me. Something that’s purer and worth sacrificing for. Something that chooses to let go when it’s time. Something that see beyond reasons. Something that can get too painful when it ends.

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You both give colors to my life at different chapters of it. You both once made me laugh, and cry. When I thought I could never love again after failing, the other came to made me realize I was wrong. Love can be too painful especially when it wasn’t meant. But, I am not afraid to feel it again and go through the same pain all over again. Because you have taught me that it’s the only thing that can make me smile in my gloomiest days.


But, I’m hoping that the next one will be the first ever to teach me how to be loved back in return. I hope this time he’ll teach me how to just stay put and just trust. I hope this time I will not be needing to let go. I hope this time, it is meant.

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