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The last time I saw you felt different. Di ko sinulit yung time with you. Ayoko kasing maramdman mo na I am developing feelings and I am giving more than what we’re supposed to give and receive. We are just plain flings. A non-negotiable kind of relationship. I’m not expecting anything, I swear. This is just me. Nothing to blame on you cause you did nothing. But this needs to stop. Because I might fall for you. Or, I think I am now falling for you for some reason that I don’t know and I can’t control. I know you feel it kaya nga umiiwas ka dn and limiting your actions. If you dont like me, just be like that. Thank you for not telling me you like me. Thank you for not making me fall for you. Thank you for not being the paasa and the player like everyone else. But what I hate the most is that I am falling for you for no reason at all. I’m starting to hate myself because of that. So this just needs to stop. Because I know that you can’t offer anything more than a no label, seasonal kond of relationship. I can’t let myself fall for you and be hurt. I’m just not ready for intense feelings of love, longing, hurt and hate. I need to love myself as I am slowly learning now. I am almost there. I can’t trip on this progress of mine. I am building myself up and I can’t let myself ruin me. I am making myself the most important person in my life. I will always remember this chapter of my life. You will always be a part of the progress of my self love. You will always be my sana all, my what if and my almost.

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