YOUNG, DUMB with a heart that got broke

Ang laking sayang pero salamat


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Was it me? The last time I saw you, I could barely see you with these teary eyes. I was there swallowing my pride as I say “Sorry” in the saddest state of me.

Crazy isn’t it how you weak I was with all the sorry you had that I easily forgave? With just simple sorry, dude, you were forgiven even if that sorry could not rebuild my already broken world. Crazy isn’t it how you watch me cry like it was a movie you’re watching late at night. You stood there and just looked at me. You heard the most since sorry you could ever hear in your entire life and all you said was just “Ayoko na”.

These passed nights had be engulfed with sadness and crying jags because that long two years could never get extended to another year and 2020 has to be faced alone.

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True it is that people would not change for you. They will change when they want to and that I cannot put it down to your throat the things that I want you to do. But how unfair it is how you asked me to let go my dream to chase the dream you forced to do with me only to leave me hanging in air alone.

While I feel all alone. With now just single pair of eyes looking at our son, I want to fill myself with every kind of anger to break your world like how you broke mine. I want to let the world know how selfish partner and father you are. I wish I could but our son reminds me that he needs, at least, one parent that is in a good state. That two years was horrible and the ending made it worse knowing that someone’s home is wrecked and the worst thing is, that someone is my child. Too bad, you cannot witness the wonderful man he is going to be which is supposed to be the best view to see that could beat all the places we’ve been to.

With all these broken dreams, plans and family, I know God has saved me from wasting my life to the wrong person. Thank you for the two years of fights that I thought could be the longest running rivalry of all times–North and South Korea.

Thank you for making me a stronger woman that I am now. I promise to raise our child as a respectful man — the kind of man I wish I had.

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