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Tell me it’s okay to cry when you see me in pain. I couldn’t unlove you the way I wanted. Cause all I can see are the years spent no matter how many changes happened. It feels like emptiness is everything between us. I no longer know my worth and yet I choose to stay. I wanted things to be good so badly that I even made up things to cover those bad parts.
This time I’ll be honest with you. I’m tired but still trying to hold on. I can no longer feel your love like how I am losing this love for you.
Everything will never be the same.We will never be the same. We both changed. And yet I remain a prison of my choice. Hoping someday you’ll see my worth. But if not, please set me free.

You peeled off every layers of the guards I wrapped around me.
And that’s enough for me to continously get emotionally bruised. Once you get tired removing my guards, I am giving you the authority to let me go.

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