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Para sa mga tao na bored, chat ng chat at tingin yata sa amin ay emergency first aid kit…

Please wag nyo sana kaming gawing takbuhan kapag iniwan kayo ng mga minahal nyo. We know how hurting it could be and we understand your pains if that is the reason why you are seeking our presence. Trust us, we’ve dealt with pain in a way so deeper so we know how troubling and aching it seems more than you can imagine. But please, do not run to us just to be healed. We cannot fix you, if that’s what you’re after. Hindi kami takbuhan ng mga kagaya nyong broken at naghahanap lang ng comfort from someone else. We can surely help you realize things and contemplate pieces of yourself but please, wag nyo kaming itake for granted.

Please wag nyo sana kaming gawing takbuhan if you just needed time in dealing with your issues and loneliness. If you are just temporarily seeking to fill your emotional needs. Kung pagod na kayo, believe us, mas pagod na kami sa paulit ulit na may dumadating pero hindi naman genuinely kaya magstay. Matuto kayo iheal yung sarili nyo from your own point of breaking. Binuo namin yung sarili namin for the longest years without using someone to make us feel better. Finding a way to feel complete does not mean you have to engage yourself in new relationships. Wag na kami, please. Kasi you are the reasons why we built our walls even higher and why we are so cautious everytime may dadating na kagaya nyo pero you are only here to fill the your voids, emptiness and longing.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Please wag nyo sana kaming gawing takbuhan if you are just bored enough. I hope you know how precious our time is. Hindi kami naghahanap, that’s true. Hindi kami yung tipo na mamamatay pag walang lovelife kasi believe us, we are not the type na magsesettle for someone na hindi kami sure and even without a partner, we are happy. Kasi hindi lang naman sa relationships nakukuha ang happiness. We have so many hesitations sa totoo lang, we have a lot of what ifs and what not. So please, kung hindi rin kayo sigurado sa ginagawa nyo and this is just a form of killing your boredom, utang na loob wag na kami. Wag nyo na sana sayangin yung oras namin. Kasi with all honesty, kaya namin ibigay yung time at attention na hinahanap nyo pero if you are here with different intentions and interests, please wag kami.

Please wag nyo sana kaming gawing takbuhan if you are just confused. Don’t send us mixed signals. Don’t be too sweet, caring and thoughtful if kayo mismo hindi nyo alam kung ano ba talaga nararamdaman nyo. Then one day, pag sigurado na kayo, you’ll suddenly disappear as if you never existed before. You will disappear as if you are suffering from amnesia and doesn’t even remember a thing. We are not stupid. Don’t make us feel any attachment, don’t make us feel special if it’s not the way it is. Don’t make us feel as if you are the one kasi to tell you the truth, once na mag settle kami, we are more than hundred percent sure sa ginagawa namin.

Please wag nyo sana kaming gawing takbuhan if you just needed someone to replace your past. Hindi kami ang sagot para makamove on kayo. We are not the answer to your whys, hows, and ifs. Sa totoo lang pagod na kami sa ganito. We are always ready to help you get out of that drowning confusion kasi we know how difficult it is to understand bakit tayo iniiwan, bakit hindi tayo nagiging enough. But it is not a right solution to use us as your band aids to all the wounded parts of your heart. May pakiramdam din kami at alam nyo na makakasakit kayo sa gagawin nyo sa amin. We preserved our hearts so much, we work so damn hard to make it whole again, we fix ourselves for years without using anybody to fill in the betweens. Truth is, minsan wala sa amin yung sagot para mabuo kayo. Everyone is breakable and it is your choice if you want to stay broken.

So please, before you approach us isipin nyo muna mabuti kung makakasakit ba kayo ulit. Do not inflict your sadness, heartbreak, pain, and confusion to us kasi okay na kami eh. The answer will always be within you. Reflect and understand yourself better. Hindi kami ang sagot dyan so tigilan nyo yung kaka chat sa amin, kakatext at tawag. You are your own healer, you are the only one who can help yourself. And most of all, pray to God to help take away your pain, confusion, disappointment and emptiness.

Do not use us as a form of your excuse or recovery. Kasi sa totoo lang, kami yung mga tipo na kaya namin mag set ng boundaries at kaya namin umiwas agad pag alam namin na alanganin, kaya namin mag control ng feelings kung kinakailangan pero dahil alam namin kung anong pinagdadaanan nyo, as much as possible we just want to help you out kasi we are once in that situation like you and we know how dragging it is, but we chose not to use people in the process, we chose not to play and confuse someone’s feelings, and we chose not to depend on them for us to heal, for us to be okay, for us to find our worth and value again.

Sana kayo, kaya nyo rin.

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