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I blamed the sun for not coming back yesterday

As the rain flows down like a tears drifting in the river

I blamed the rain for not stopping when i need to slow down and follow you from behind

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I also blamed myself for not bringing that umbrella, it could’ve not worsen things from breaking apart if only i didn’t forget it

But no, i shouldn’t be blaming myself

If you care, you could’ve look back and see me drenching and shivering in cold

But you didn’t

Cause you didn’t care

You just walked as if nothing happened

You have walked as fast as you could

As if you are being chased out by demons

You didn’t look back, you’ve run fast, faster than the lightning that is about to strike my heart

But then you suddenly stopped, i saw you stare at me in a jiffy

I can’t see any sadness nor sorrows,

All i can see is happiness

I guess you’re happy because you already have the chance to leave me

Then you stopped and continue walking

I can no longer see you

I get up and try to dry the tears that keeps on flowing from my eyes

The rain stopped, my heart also stops from beating

It feels like all the weight of pain, madness and sadness was all put together in my knees

I can’t get up

I can’t move

All i can feel now is sadness and numbness

How will i start?

Will i be able to forget about you?

Will i be able to delete and throw away all the love that i felt for you?

I tried to get up, then i run

faster than i could

i didn’t look back

Cause if i did

I might follow you again

and continue with my madness



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