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I was hesitant at first

You look good that is why i’m scared

You showed me that You are reachable

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You allowEd me to know you more

As i knew you deeper

The feeling is like riding on a roller coaster

I wanted to stop but you were always there

You made me smile but until when?

My stubborn heart kept on insisting

to just enjoy the moment even though it’s limited

Yes, you were free but captured by the past

the past that kept haunting you, that is why moving on is so hard

It breaks me inside but Why can’t I stop

I am sure because I didn’t wanna lose you like that

thank u for being there

when no one wanted to listen

Thank u for the talks

for sharing all of your thoughts

thank u for the love 

never have i imagined that i will Be this bad

thank u for the sadness

thank u for the jealousy

thank u for allowing me to show i care…freely

I know I’m strong but it’s You i cannot ignore

Your smile is priceless

Your genuine effort is truly the best

But i know that in the end, only memories will stay

But this time, i risked, coz i know i am happy

i knew this feeling will not have a label

Mixed signals and emotions were overwhelming

But one thing is for sure and i am certain

that You and i were having the same feeling

But i told myself to stop believing because

I am afraid of the future and you are captured by the past

I’m scared, i’m scared, u know why?

this is new to me but i don’t want to stop

i wanted to be brave and fight for my luck

coz my feeling is real and Hiding is hard

thank u for allowing me to experience a love that is quite fast

how it is to love, even though i am in doubt,

i can’t read ur mind but your actions are clear

sometimes i question myself if these things really matter

I overthink a lot, looking for answers

but only you can calm my stormy feeling

I have now accepted that soon we will be apart

that only memories will be kept in the box

no more regrets and what ifs to ask

just borrowed time 💔 and heartache to look back

Because i took the bait…

i knew from the start.

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