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I couldn’t love you in any other way.

Maybe I’ll keep you in just here-
In sentences arranged to pretty paragraphs
In lines and verses,
In stanzas that so often do not rhyme.
Maybe it’s just in poems
That my dream of love be closer to reality
Because I can only keep you
In here.
Maybe I’ll just keep you in papers
Show my affection in inks scribbled across.
Tell you “I care” by sharing poets who write
The ones my heart couldn’t say
Because it is easier to borrow their works
Than to risk further, our “friendship”, as you say.
Maybe in here, in pages you inspired,
That I fold on top right corner
That I cling to, and visit to remember
That once, my love broke barriers
Of “could-not-be’s” and “what ifs”
Because, in here, in my poems
You’ll stay longer, maybe even forever
It is in here that I will love you
Because you cannot let me love you in any other way.

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