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It is better to have no one to send messages than to send someone a sweet message and then realize that he read it an hour ago and still hasn’t sent you a response.

It is better to cry while watching movies on Netflix than to cry while watching his Instagram stories with his special someone.

It is better to go out with your friends and attend youth fellowship on Friday night than to spend hours getting dressed up, only to have him cancel on you at the last second.

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It is better to have the freedom to make friends with other guys than to remain loyal to someone who’s been entertaining a lot of girls behind your back.

It is better to invest your time doing your skincare and get your beauty sleep than to sit up all night waiting for his chat to pop up.

It is better to spend your money buying yourself branded makeups than to spend your money buying him shoes and then ghosted you after a month.

It is better to have no one to daydream about than to chase after someone who is not yet ready to commit.

It is better to focus on yourself and on your goals than to spend all of your time reading his tweets and checking all his uploaded photos on Instagram.

It is better to admit that you haven’t found the right man for you than to settle for someone who can’t give you the love you deserve to have.

It is better to love yourself and give your heart to the Lord than to give your whole heart to someone who will end up hurting you.

It is better to say “I am single” rather than “It’s complicated”

It is better to be happy on your own than to be miserable with someone else.

It is better to be single than to settle for an almost relationship because an almost is not enough. You deserve more, you deserve the “most”. You deserve consistency, you deserve happiness, you deserve real love.

You deserve someone who will pursue you because he knows that you deserve to be pursued.

You deserve someone who will guide you and stay with you no matter how tough the situation is. You deserve someone who will never leave you hanging.

You deserve someone who’s willing to answer your emergency call at 3:00 am, asking if you’re okay and willing to go with you if you need help.

You deserve someone who is not only willing to but eager to commit to you. Someone who will invest his time and efforts in you. Someone who is sure about you.

You deserve someone who will make you see that you are worth a response that you are worth a relationship label.

You deserve so much more than an almost. You deserve someone who will pray for you. Someone who will share his devotions with you. Someone who will lead you closer to God. Someone who will sing with you, someone who will cry and surrender your lives with God.

You deserve someone who God has planned for you. You deserve someone who will make you feel a kind of love that is worth waiting for, a kind of love that is pure, a kind of love that will last.

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