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Goodbye is not the easiest word to say, when it’s time to go through our separate ways. From all the memories; good times and bad, You are the only one friend that I ever had.

Letting go is not the easiest thing to do, when it comes to you. For all times you were there by my side, I still can’t accept that you have to go. No matter how much I tried, telling myself that there is still tomorrow.

You still stay strong, whenever there’s something wrong. No matter how many times you had stumble and fall, you would always stand up tall.

There are a lot of words that I wanted to say, when I realized that you wouldn’t stay. People do come and go, for them to reach a new chapter of their journey.

This is not my final farewell to you. Because I can’t let you go. Inside my heart, that will cherish the memories that we had together and I will always remember you forever.

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