A writer once said, “Pain demands to be felt.”

Yet for me, pain only demands to those who choose to endure it.

Your one-that-got-away didn’t lock you up.

You built your own prison.

Your almost-lover didn’t chain you down.

You put shackles to yourself.

Your beautiful nightmare didn’t have the keys.

You have the keys; it’s inside you.

Now, go.

Use your keys. Unchain yourself. Open your gates.

And move.

It is okay to feel the pain.

But please, never let your pain take away your happiness.

There’s so much more to your life.

God knows the best. He’s preparing you for it.

Your gray season will turn into colour.

Your night will turn into morning.

Your sadness will turn into joy.

Wait for it, just wait for it.

God is working.

love, s.