Letting go


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I was letting go of something that didn’t even hold me in the first place. I’ve been telling myself things that could’ve been ways to make me forget what I feel. The result was the opposite. As I keep on telling myself about it, I’m falling deeper. For your flaws makes you, you. Your flaws are the ones that make me appreciate you more. You were one of my strengths at the weakest point of my life. You were my shoulder to lean on. You were giving me a shelter when everyone seems abandoning me. You embraced my negative thoughts and loved my weirdness.

I was letting go of something I wasn’t sure in the first place. I know falling in love with you is a mistake. Choosing you is stupid, and loving you could kill me. I wasn’t sure but slowly, I realized, I was slowly killing myself. Every time you’re near, my heart beats triple times and that made me feel like you’re more than enough for me to take in. Each time you’d make me feel better, I’d always tell myself I was bothering the most precious gem in the world. You should’ve just enjoyed the rest of your time than spending it with me. I was letting go of something that’s too perfect for me.

You’re perfectly wrong for me. No matter how my friends would say we look cute together. No matter what they feel towards us, it doesn’t change the fact that YOU and I will never be good enough for each other. And I guess that the best reason why I’m letting go of something that wasn’t even mine at the start.

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