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“Growing also means deleting songs”


how can be a piece of a song become deeply valuable to us, a lifeless companion , the solemness that imbued us with nostalgic feeling,the melody we indulge and the poetical lyrics that tacitly and shaped our feelings .

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one dreamy song can make your existence become surreal and makes your heart ached for the sudden ambivalence either the warmth of late afternoon or the rainy days blue,song will always bring surrealism,



then a one old song can blast you with countless memories

even a person, a song can remind us about someone that we almost forget their names and faces

and a one pertinent genre that makes us envisage and daydream about our future avidly, such a cathartic deed for our daily lives

i can’t remember what was my playlist four years ago, those past songs i enjoyed and help me vanquish those bad days I had.


I used to enjoy this quondam favorite song of mine for almost five years, now as i start to play it, the thoughts just brimmed my mind, it is not the same comfort I’m feeling inside whenever i listen to it and I don’t find it any longer gratifying to my mind sadly how I’m stuck with the dilemma of keeping it or facing the future without hearing it anymore. deleting your past favorite song will never be feasible, it will feel like losing a friend, it’s a sudden diminishing of yourself.


but now that i found a new song, I fell inlove with its tranquility, the genre is perfectly relevant to my personality now,

perhaps some thing or person is not really meant for us no matter how we badly want to keep them,moving forward takes difficult choices, but in the end, we know

we need a new one that could help our new personality nurture and be alleviated from adherence of the past


p.p.s, may you search your old favorite song to feel the nostalgia , look for and feel your old friend and self once again, have a poignant yet grateful reminiscing.

-Rhaine Constantino



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