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My Yellow Tulip,

There is something in me,
That poked my heart
This time, this moment.
I should confess.

Realizing that life is uncertain,
Through these passing years,
I’ve been so scared and
I believe that I just need to get
this off my chest.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I’ve tried to find the right words
to say but shit they don’t come out.
I’ll just make it straight.
Have I told you that you’re beautiful?
That your beautiful soul
makes you glow.

I hate it when I find myself melting
when you’re around
“Out of my league” auto plays
in my head when I’m with you,
I hope you understand how much
our little talks mean to me.

I knew I am screwed the first time
I smiled at the thought of you,
I honestly didn’t know you
were gonna be this important
in my life,

Today, I am thinking out loud,
Absorbing courage to let you know,
How special you are and that you
claimed a place in my heart,
That I’ll carry with me forever.

I know that soon
You’ll come back home
with the love of your life,
The one that completes the
missing piece.

It’s OK, I will be ok,
For I already accepted the fact that
you are the one that I will never had.
That I am not and will never be the
one who is the perfect match for you.
For our world is far different,
Far from what the world accepts.

My dear yellow tulip,
The next time our path will cross,
I will understand,
If you’ll treat me differently.

I just don’t want to live
the same way,
Full of fears, regrets and doubts.

I am just here,
Praying for you in silence,
And just in case, you’ll forget
Please keep in mind
You are worthy,
You are loved,
You are amazing.


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