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Woke up late today,
with the rain singing outside my window pane.
It’s official, coffee, bed, and cuddle season is here.
Cold wind brings in the heavy feeling
of how lonely my life is.
Woong and Yeon-su make me love and laugh
but also cries out of jealousy of what they have
Been asking above the time when and who’ll I love
Because I’m longing for love.
Can’t truly love myself
Can’t fully understand my mind
Can’t truly trust my heart
Can’t fully heal my life
Just wanted to dance in the rain,
or talk, or even just walk with whom I love.
To lie under the deafening sound of rain
is something my heart has been begging.
Oh to be loved and healed of my inner child
When will it happen?
How will I conquer these pain?
Who will help me if I can’t even help myself?
Come and find me
Under the rain 
of the darkness of myself.

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