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I never thought of love as something complicated. I had my first love when I was fifteen. Such a thrilling experience for a young heart. Everything seemed perfect. But the depths of love can’t just be fathomed when our hearts are not yet ready to discover its depth. Still, in love there’s pain. I had to experience that. Then years passed by. Seasons have changed. Time had healed the wounds of my first love. Yet a scar had been engraved to remind me that love is not always a cloud nine experience.

For so many years, I have forgotten what it means to love and be loved.  But in my heart, I know that someday, love will find me. And that’s when I will finally be home in his heart.

I don’t need to hurry. Although time is running like a  bullet train, the hope of being with the one who is true and faithful still lingers around. A hope that there’s still a man who is different from the man who has been influenced by the shallow belief of discrediting the sacredness of marriage.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

A man who still believes in an old-fashioned courtship.
A man who really prays for his wife.
A man who wants to serve God with his wife.
A man who loves God more than anything.

How sweet that would be!

Someday, love will find me. And it does not matter where and when it will be.

When the right timing  comes, there’s no need to fear. Love casts out fear and there will be confidence that this love is made from above.

Someday, love will find you. No need to play with it.

When love is real, our hearts will know it. There’s no reason. There’s no explanation.

Hang in there! Believe in your heart that true love exists to those who wait patiently.

I have learned that when my heart is ready,  he will come. I don’t need to find that love because I know love will pull us together.

In the end, we will understand that love is more than a feeling. It’s more than attraction. But like how the old saying goes, “love is always worth the wait!”

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