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As I sit down to write this letter, memories come flooding back, like a gentle breeze carrying me back to a time when we were inseparable. It’s been a journey since I last poured my heart out to you, confessing my feelings, only to hear your reassuring words: “After all that, I believe we are still good friends.”

Years have drifted by since then, each day marking a chapter in our separate lives. Today, as I put pen to paper, I find myself pondering where we stand now. I’ve heard news of your life unfolding beautifully, embracing the joys of marriage and motherhood. It brings me genuine happiness to know that you have found fulfillment and joy in your path.

On my side, the journey has taken its twists and turns. I remain single, navigating life’s winding roads, occasionally stumbling upon fragments of our shared past. Today, as I reminisce about our friendship, I can’t help but wonder: What if I had kept my feelings hidden? Would our bond have endured the test of time?

Life has its way of leading us down unexpected paths, testing the strength of our connections and the resilience of our hearts. Yet, amidst the uncertainties and the passage of years, one truth remains unwavering: the warmth of our friendship, the laughter we shared, and the countless memories we created together.

While our lives may have drifted apart, I find comfort in knowing that the foundation of our friendship remains steadfast. It’s a testament to the depth of our connection, strong enough to withstand the trials of distance and time.

So, as I send these words out into the world, I do so with a heart full of gratitude and hope. Gratitude for the precious moments we’ve shared and the bond that has shaped us both. And hope, that perhaps our paths will intersect once more, weaving our stories together in the tapestry of life.

Until that day arrives, please know that you hold a special place in my heart, a beacon of light guiding me through life’s complexities. And though our journeys may lead us in different directions, the essence of our friendship will forever endure.

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