Don’t blame me for boring you
When you said things became routine.
Don’t blame me for asking people
Because I wondered where you’ve been.

Don’t blame me for your decision
To leave when you could have stayed.
Don’t blame me for your actions
When you cheated and you betrayed.

Don’t blame me for when you quickly
Developed feelings for another.
Don’t blame me for your lies
When you said I pushed you towards her.

Don’t blame me for letting go
When it was you who gave up first.
Don’t blame me for walking away
When I finally knew my worth.

You lied and you cheated
You made me believe what we had was true.
You tried to justify your actions
Portrayed the victim to be you.

Don’t you dare blame me for pushing you to be with the girl you broke up with me for. I knew from the start that there was something between you. You never admitted but even back then I knew.

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