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Is there someone special in your heart? Someone that you long to be with but you know that the two of you can never be together anymore?

Everyday you are wondering how fate moves you farther from each other. Time creates a gap so now you find yourself strangers again. 

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Where are those sweet moments and wonderful memories have gone? You know that you have buried them deep inside but when those times of silence suddenly stop by, you easily draw them out, you build those pieces together, and you make them alive. It makes your heart sad. It creates an empty hole in your soul. It might not be the intent of your heart but you can’t help it. 

For how many times you ask yourself to move on. But why is it so hard? The presence of that person still lingers no matter what you do and where you are. That person’s figure suddenly appears in your sight and then vanishes away. It’s like the wind that you know is just there. Sometimes you feel its cool breeze swaying around and sometimes its humidity touches your soft skin. And you know it is just around. Just like the thoughts of that person, it is always in your sight.

You have been to a new place. You have met different people. Yet, that person still holds the best place in your heart. You even hate the feeling of always looking back. Nonetheless, you still do. It is like the changing of the season. No matter how you hate one, it will truly come. 

Perhaps there are times when you wish that everything is just a dream. But then again, you wake up with a hope that maybe someday, that person will come back. You tend to brush it off and create a new line: that maybe someday, someone will take that special place in your heart. However, you also know that your feeling of wanting that person to come back still outweighs that desire to have someone to take that spot. It is always your reality that your heart still keeps holding on even though you know that he has already left and let you go long time ago.

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