Set her Free

Stop messing around her


Stop messing around with a woman’s life when you don’t have the courage to talk about how you truly feel about her. At the end of the day, she will get hurt. You know you see it coming, but you’re playing around the bush. Be honest about what you feel from the very start when you meet her so that she’ll know.

Set your intentions clear to her. Stop confusing her. Stop wasting her time and energy. Respect her value as a woman if you want to be respected as well as a man. Respect her choices, decisions, religious beliefs, etc. Her actions are what you show her, so don’t expect her to be the same again when you break her heart.

You enter her life with something on your mind. To be what? Also, make sure you clarify to her what she wants to know before you exit, so you do not hurt her again. Don’t give her mixed signals as it can confuse her too. Take accountability for your actions. Don’t blame her if she runs away or chooses to leave. You should know it better. Besides, from the very start, she never and ever belonged to you, and she is not your possession and yours to keep. So don’t demand something from her like her time and energy, especially when you are never and ever not even in a relationship with her.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You don’t even set your intentions clear. You are lucky because she would have met other guys before you that deserve her love and attention, but she chooses you. Don’t ever again betray her trust or hurt her heart. If you don’t have the intention of continuing to love her, be clear about it, then keep her around or make her your option or reservation for your future agenda when you have no fish caught in the sea anymore.

Just be a man.

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