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I am feeling some confusion because of you So please give me some clues Thoughts about you in my head are glued
No matter what I do

I don’t wanna get closer
To someone who’s not sure
So please speak up
And give me some cues

I don’t wanna overthink
Nor wanna think in behalf of you
All I wanna know is the real you
And if what you are feeling is absolutely true

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No, I am not in a hurry
But I am starting to get weary
So I will just bend on my knees
And will start my pleas :

Oh Father
I am not sure how this thing will go…
Should I let it grow?
But for now I will choose to let go
And let fate open its gate
At the right date
I will keep the faith
And will continue to sing You praise
Even after I have received the grace

Nothing in this world is certain
Except for Your love,
Your love for me that is well maintained
Lord, I am not sure if we are destined,
All I know is that someday it will be revealed
They said “what is meant to be, will be”
And I say “Let it be done according to Your will”

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