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At the flickering lights of candle and grayish shadow of every angles in his room, he`s sitting there with passions and dramatizations.Certainly, every movements of his lips was filled with terrifying elements and imaginary blanks of faces that wanted to emerge, It seems, it was a cursed from the devil. He wants to share these strange moments to his classmates and friends, but he was afraid to do, he thought, he was just thinking in an overwhelming state of imagination– a bridge of fantasy and reality.

Every night for him is a dream–a dream that no one had dare to bother— or a fantasy that everyone knew, it was just written on the books. A bang, bang, bang fire of the booming gun, a hissing sounds, an agony of the screaming death, the memorable stories of every dramatic romance, the murmurs of the breezy wind under the topographic view, and the malefactor habits of every society that destroys itself were linking on his mind at every book he held.

For him this is just an amusement or a way to forget the gloomy realities of solitude.
He`s always different to others, a separate classification of protagonist and antagonist in every story he reads. He wants to fade himself in this real world like an exploding bubbles, all he wanted to do is to travel, conquered, be loved, and sail across the horizon with the presence of his favorite characters on their victorious voyage of journey .

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He`s not compatible in this world, He was just the book that he held, a stuff that had already obsolete in this modern generation. People would approach you if they just needed you on their greatest climax of necessity– a book that binds him to aid the solitary

He was always staring at his book wishing to be a part of the story, he couldn’t do anything to change his fate, but to just stare at it, for a billion of minutes that he wasted on it were the greatest experienced for him. He wished, he were a character in the book.

Now he reads once again, the world is trembling from every direction he wants, every character is acting by his imaginative interpretations. All part of his body is fading and sparkling like bubble explosions and he was totally gone in this reality. All his name was written in every inspiring book that he once dreamed.

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