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They say waiting is important and it is tough, and I agree with that. 

Waiting is a long journey of possibilities, the possibility of assuming, loving to much, falling, breaking, hurting, building, renewing and escaping. When someone comes in your life you thought he’d be the one but he’s not. 

They say it’s tired to wait but is worth to wait. With all toxic relationship I had in the past, may refer to friendship or partnership, I learned that waiting should be given importance, do not rush intimate love. Follow His step. 

Wait for some one who is and will be willing to accept you no matter how “fat” you may think you look like. Who will love you curves, scars and imperfections. Someone who is willing to adjust with you mood swings and gentleman enough to ask your hand from your parent. A man who loves and fears God. A man with contentment. A man with vision in life. A man who draws you closer to God.  God’s  chosen man for you will come at the right time. Do not worry if you’re at mid’ twenties or even thirty. If it is God’s will it will happen. 

To those girls who keeps on wondering and asking “WILL HE COME?”, just wait patiently the best is yet to come.

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