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Hey! you there. I know you have been waiting. You’ve been waiting for the past few months, years or your entire life maybe. I just want to tell you that you are doing a great job. You’ve been fighting battles that no one knows. I know sometimes you might be impatient. Sometimes you may be pressured by people surrounding you or you may have questions and a lot of what if’s in mind or maybe even regrets. Hold on! You may have to wait a little longer but just know that the longer the wait, the greater the reward.

It’s hard, I know, to keep your heart guarded and guided.You know what, God has seen your obedience and He is very pleased with you. Rest assure that He has written the perfect love story for you. Please understand that your waiting is a process necessary for you to go through to get you ready. And as you wait, God is also preparing that person He has reserved for you. You may grow tired and weary but continue to pray. Ask for guidance, wisdom and knowledge not just for you but for your future better half because somewhere out there he is also praying for you. You may not have seen each other or meet each other but perhaps you have long been praying for one another.

So promise that you’ll wait for him a little longer. That you’ll wait for God’s appointed time for you to be together. Then you’ll see that it was worth the wait. Everything will suddenly make sense.

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