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For me, the greatest inspiration of every man, except God, is a beautiful woman.

The Beauty
Every woman must know that she is beautiful. There are a lot of definitions out there in our society on what true beauty means and how to achieve it. But what does it mean to be beautiful? and how will a woman knows and most importantly, feels that she is beautiful?

For a woman to know that she is “the beauty”, someone must verbalise it and make her feel that she is beautiful. A woman will know that she’s indeed beautiful if someone close to her, most of the time her father or brother but the impact is different if it is her crush, boyfriend or husband, will confirm it to her. But it’s not enough to just verbalise it, it should be back up by an action. They need a constant reassurance through action. Women long to be fought for. They want to be more than noticed. They want to be wanted. They want to be pursued. A woman’s heart tells us that she just want to be a priority to someone. These things will always give them the “haba hair” feels. And yes that is not a myth. That’s how they’ll feel that they are beautiful.

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The Problem
Everything starts at home. Sometimes, the very first person that should make them feel beautiful doesn’t have an opportunity or fails to do so. So they look outside for affirmation. Only to find out that what society offers is for every women to be tough and independent. There’s nothing wrong with these traits, but it sometimes eliminate the desire of every woman to wait for someone to fight for her and unveil her beauty.

A Man To The Rescue?
Broken homes, broken family, and broken community – these are what we are facing today and a man should be aware that every woman is broken. Every man wants to be a hero to the beauty. His desire is to fight a battle but he needs someone to fight for. It is not enough to be a hero but a hero for someone he loves. He knows he’s powerful and has what it takes for the woman he loves. When a man sees his woman, beautiful and captivating, his heart beats faster. His confidence soars high. There is a sense of pride in everything he does. He is inspired to do anything and everything!

But the truth is, men are broken as well. We, most of the time, fail to make our daughters, sisters, and lovers feel beautiful. Everything starts at home. Our longing is to be a brother who protects our sister, a husband who loves his wife unconditionally, and a father who makes our children secured. But we fall short because we don’t have a role model. Generations of broken people tried to fix each other but no one succeed.

A Real Man To The Rescue
The only man I know who’s qualified to rescue a women, to rescue us from brokenness of the world is the God who became man to give us freedom, and that is JESUS. He’s the ultimate role model. He’s the one who literally fought for us, noticed us, wanted us, prioritised us and pursued us because for Him we are worth dying for.

You see, women don’t need to look for affirmation and approval from men anymore because Jesus can give it all. They can be secured, feel loved, and protected by Him. A man for her will just be a bonus, a gift. A cherry on a cake. But not the source of her beauty.

In addition to, Men will feel secured also and will have an opportunity to love unconditionally just as Christ loved us. Since He’s our role model, we can now change the norm. Because of Him, men can make their sisters, daughters, and wives feel beautiful again. It’s because Jesus rescued us first and now have the power to rescue women together with Him from the brokenness of the world. God loves to use a man to rescue the beauty. The question is, do you have Jesus Christ in your heart? and who is your beauty to be rescued?

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