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Thank God it’s Friday.

Friday – what most students and working people are looking forward to when Monday hits and every time we commence our bustling week. Especially to those who are off during weekends. Why? Because Weekend is our FREE day. You get to stay at home and finish your favorite Netflix series, cook for your family and get to spend time with them or you hit the road with your partner to relax and unwind drive up hill or stroll the beach. You are FREE.

Thank God it’s Friday. But I better say Thank God I’m Free.


While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

FREE from everything.


FREE from all the pain and hurt.


FREE from a relationship that turned prosaic rather than be fairytale-like.


FREE from the person that you have loved that has never loved you back.


FREE from the person who’s supposed to be a vitamin, but became the toxic.


Maybe today, is not just a mundane Friday. Maybe today, marks a special day that you should celebrate because you have set yourself Free.


You are now totally Free from that person that caused you pain. Free from that person that turned you into what you have become right now – a princess yet a warrior.


You have let go of all those leftover feelings and has finally found true happiness, peace and freedom.


Thank God because He has finally guided you to step out of your comfort zone and slay all the dragons you have come across.


Know your worth. Never again condemn yourself in the prison of a bad relationship.


One thing to remember that one of the happiest moment that can happen in your life is when you find the courage to let go of what can’t change you and your life. Once you have let go, do not make the good today be ruined by worrying about a bad yesterday. Let go. Be FREE.


Claim your Freedom. Now you’ve got more time for yourself.


But if ever you have not been free yet, let God be your armor as you fight along for your freedom.


Thank God for today because it’s Friday but most of all thank God because you are Free.




And I’ll end this with a  quote from Paolu Coehlo.


“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.-P.C.”




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