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I’m not here to defend anyone
I’m not a fan or a follower
I’m not here to despise or judge
Just talk to me about forgiveness…

When we were young, we didn’t know what to do
Our parents sacrificed a lot to guide us through
Sometimes unconsciously we forget
At times, we didn’t even know they are hurt
“Sorry” was not even said, we “just get over it”
But still, with their love, they chose to guide me and you
Did you even say sorry? Did they forget?
Would you talk to me about forgiveness?

As growing men and women, we were wild and free
Yes, there were times when we did not see
People around us have been hurt by our deeds
Words that we said caused them wounds that were deep
Did they retaliate? Maybe someone did
Did you reason or did you say “sorry”?
Maybe some did, but I’m sure some just chose to forget
Would you talk to me about forgiveness?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

When we thought we were ready for love
We gave our hearts, full of promises, full of love
As we know not all journey ends smoothly
Some were left wounded, betrayed, and torn
Did they give up? At some point, maybe
Did they lose hope? Not everyone, I guess
Will they still trust? Of course, it will come
Would you talk to me about forgiveness?

There are times in our lives that unknowingly we killed
The Bible teaches us that hatred is in fact murder
So, how many people did we kill? Tens? Hundreds?
If you’ll ask me, I’ve killed people over and over
Did I say sorry? Sometimes yes, oftentimes no
Why would I? I was hurt, betrayed, disappointed and dismayed
Won’t you agree that it’s just fair to grow hate?
Would you talk to me about forgiveness?

As I ponder on the things that have happened in my life
As I look back on the life of my Lord, my Christ
So many injustices, and so many wounds
Yet nothing can ever compare to the injustice I have caused.
You see, more than 2000 years ago,
I chose Barabbas over the only person who loves me most
Did He hate me? He said, He still loves me and calls me His own
Now, please talk to me about forgiveness.

“Of course, He’s God. He can do it,” you say,
But He said, “Forgive. Do good. Choose love, not hate.”
I understand that pain cannot just go away
But will it matter if they are sorry? Can we walk away?
God did not say “forget”, He is God, so take a rest
All the injustices that we feel, He already felt
He walked where we walk, He knows, He’s at work
Can we please talk about forgiveness?

“Forgiveness is a choice,” they said.
But “forgiveness is a command,” God said.
The pain will not easily go away,
He understands, He will have His way.
Easier said than done, I know
But in this life, that’s the only way to go
God showed us what true justice is:
Death on the cross for our grave sins.
Would you talk to them about forgiveness?

Would they know that Christ reigns by our love?
Or would they be confused by our hate?
We say, “Christ is our all”
But when we are hurt, to whom do we call?
Forgiveness is not easy, forgiveness is necessary
I hope we can talk about forgiveness.

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