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“Let me tell you how it feels like to fall deeply in love in your early 20s.”

When you fall at your early 20s, you tend to overthink too much. You’re anxious about what the future holds because this time, all you’ve wanted is to be so certain. You’re no longer seeking for something temporary. You’ve even got no time for just playing around with no strings attached and you became more sensible to the world. You’ve started to invest your time to what justly matters and to that person mostly. You’ve begun to limit your circle with those whom you think have remained to be true to you. You no longer thought about your own sake for you now have an “us” to consider. You started building a home in your own state of mind. A home where every single thing seems to be in place, just like you finding abode in him. And when you fall in love at your early 20s, you’ve learnt to uncover that in love, how much you planned and established it accordingly, it can never be certain and unfailing. There are always twists and turns. But one thing you are definite with is your true feelings toward him/her. You have this assurance about yourself being bound to that person that if it turns out not to be him/her in the fat chance of chances, all you could ever know is that it will hurt you so bad in the same way you couldn’t even imagine. So don’t be scared of falling in love in your early 20s. It may be filled with uncertainties but you will always know when it is worth it. Take it from me, an early 20s who fell in love to someone right, to someone I built a home with, but time was not on our side and the world had turned aback on our side. And that’s where this prose should end. I’ll better leave it here then.

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