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As the sunflower symbolic meaning BEAUTY, DELIGHT, HOPE, JOY, HAPPINESS and RENEWAL. Yes! you stumbled a lot this year but remind yourself to stand up again. I pray that you see the BEAUTY of life in any angle, i pray that you DELIGHT in any place God will plant you soon, I pray that you have JOY that’s abounding in His presence that you can share to the other people, I pray that you will find HAPPINESS in any struggles that you will be facing this 2019 knowing that He is with you. And i pray that as you RENEW your Faith to Him, You will understand why things happens last 2018 and you will understand who you are and what is the outcome of those WHYs this 2019😊. Its not the achievement that you achieve last 2018 that will define who you are nor the accomplishment that you accomplish this year. But the important is who you are and the lesson that you’ve been taking facing 2019.🌻🌻For You myself 2018,I know you’ve try your best this 2018 that’s great i am proud of you.Anything happens for a reason.

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