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hi, daddy! hi to my future other half hihihi yes ikaw yun sis hindi si DJ HAHAHAHAHHA

so ayon nga ano giatay, di ko alam how me magsisimula. alam ko naman na marriage is not something that God promised, but it is something that i aspire to in the future. when i met you and nung mas nakilala kita, i became confident. i’m confident that my future will be spent with u who is committed to his faith. even if u’ve fallen a few times, u’ve seen God’s grace and gotten back up. i’m confident that my future will be spent with u who is trustworthy. someone who will not lie to me only to protect my feelings, but who will tell me the truth so that we can share the burden together. daddy, i hope we never feel compelled to keep secrets from each other ah lalong lalo na sa future. sigurado ako na ‘yung journey ahead of us will be so buuuuumpy, but i’m hoping we’ll be able to stick to each other to get through it.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

mahal, i also hope na mas mahalin mo ang sarili mo. believe in urself, u don’t need na gayahin yung ibang lalaki lalo na sa physical appearance kasi bb, i swear ur a big catch, super gwapo hihihi and hot? yeah (^^) so please daddy, learn to love ur smile, ur eyes, ur skin, ur name, ur lips, ur ears, ur body, ur hair, ur hands and ur thighs HAHAHHAHA lol! u must appreciate every single part of urself. love ur flaws bc they are wonderful just like God wanted them to be. diba ang sabi sa Bible sa Psalm 139:14, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” God made u just the way He wanted to, so don’t let anyone else prove u wrong. naiintindihan mo ba, daddy? u are an extraordinary man of God. i’m hoping that God gives u the trust and courage u need to get through whatever painful trials u’re facing right now. i pray that no matter how difficult life becomes, u will continue to fight the good fight of faith in Christ’s armor. i pray that God grants u the confidence to speak “no” and fight for what u believe in. i pray that u never forget that God’s angels are always watching over u, guarding u from all kinds of evil. i pray that u are always aware of God’s love. and i can guarantee u that God is teaching me how to love in His way so that i can genuinely love u, bb. i pray that no matter what happens, God will be with u to console, defend, and empower u until the day He brings us both together in marriage.

baby, i hope we will work together to further God’s kingdom. i hope we acknowledge each other’s abilities and keep striving to realize those abilities. i hope we challenge each other in the fields where we excel and cheer each other on in the situations where we struggle. i hope we base our love on God’s everlasting love rather than our own fleeting desires. i pray that we will always have the eagerness to learn the fullness of the Gospel. and i hope that when we stand before the King of Kings, free of our earthly attachments, we look at each other in the fullness of our love and God’s, and we see the other’s suppressed capacity that we’ve been dying to bring forth finally and growing in us — nakakaexcite (≧∀≦)

i’m excited to see u and huuuuug u tight! thank u for everything, di kita makakalimutan. mag-iingat ikaw lagi ah char mukha tayong magbebreak HAHAHAHAHAHA anw, salamat daddy for existing, i hope matagalan mo pa ugali ko hehe. awuvywou!



your future wife ( ◠‿◠ )

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