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To the boy she’ll date after me,


When I think of you I don’t get flushed by any particular emotion except for sorrow. Because I have reached the point where I have to write this, which never in my worst nightmares had I imagined. Inadvertently, it’s all my fault. So my only advice for you is not to repeat my mistakes.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Love her with all your might because a love like this comes once in a lifetime. I’ve lost my chance. You have it now.

Try to understand when she’s upset and comfort her instead of focusing on winning the argument. It’s okay to lose sometimes. In fact, she’ll be the love of your life.

Listen to her when she tells you about her dreams and ambitions, the places she’ll want to travel to, that I never heard. Listen to her when she wants something for her cravings, like chocolates, milkteas, fries, icecreams, cakes, and etc.. Listen to her when she says I love you, because in her eyes at these times you’ll see a child. The child that is locked somewhere inside her. The child that she lets loose in front of a rare few. And this child will make you fall all over again.

She’s not the girl she shows to the world. She’s more than that. Yes, she’s reserved and opens up to only few. So if she does to you consider yourself lucky, because I wasn’t.

She might not be in PDA much because of circumstances, but she’s a great lover. A lover that actually cares for you, even if, she shows nothing publicly.

Your schedules may or may not match, but don’t let her busyness fool you for lack of love. Sure you might feel sad at times but understand that she’s building a future for both of you, for her to keep you as his King, because I wasn’t.

I’m hurt when she’s unable to spend some time to be with me. But believe me when I say she’s hurt more than you are. She wants to, but circumstances get in the way.

May you never land into my shoes. May you both get all the happiness in the world, and to be honest, with her by your side, you already have it.

I hope whenever I hear about you, all I feel is happiness, feel happy for her to have found someone she can confide in and for you for receiving the best form of love any boy could ever get. Which I dreamed of, the girl that I want for the rest of my life. Please, take care and love my treasure, which is in your hands now.


Someone who can’t tell how lucky you are to have her as love of your life.

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