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It’s been five years of being my cynosure but time has finally sets its expiration. Time has finally sets me free from the sallowish affinity that we had. Time has finally ended the story of being in love but no commitment at all.  Time is over! The threaded-thread story has come to an end.

Yes, you were my cynosure and  I was entangled with you for a long time.
Why? I don’t even know the answer.  Some said that when you’re in love, there’s no reason why you loved him. YOU JUST LOVE HIM and yes I do.
Our story was somewhat hard to fight because the two of us come from different worlds. I tried to take some risks just to be with you even though it means the fall of my career because it’s a rule. I tried to understand the world you’re living in and came to the point of  almost changing what I believe in. I tried to wait but you didn’t come because you were so busy. I waited ’til I was bored and tired.

I feel sorry about myself, about you and about us.
I’m sorry for not understanding your reasons and your plans.
I’m sorry for not staying and for  putting a wall between us.  I thought before that I can stand in this unlabeled relationship but I was wrong. I can’t.  I can’t endure the pain and confusions anymore. I was so afraid that I was holding the false hope.
I’m sorry but  I don’t deserve this pain. I don’t want to be selfless. I don’t want to be selfish. I don’t  want to be in vain.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I want to be happy. I want to be happy though my happiness means leaving you for good and I think I have made the right decision.

Saying goodbye to you was really hard for me at first but time helped me overcome my fears. I was able to say what I want to say to you.
I don’t have regrets nor bitterness of walking away from you because you’re almost halfway to success. You finally become the person you wanted to be and that is to serve the Lord above. Congratulations! I am so happy of your achievements. Keep dreaming ’til you have it.

Always remember that you are my IDOL  and my INSPIRATION  but NOT anymore my CYNOSURE.

PS. Don’t worry now because I am doing pretty good and happy with the path I am taking in. Wishing us happiness and success.



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