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To the one who’s taking his time

a big salute to you bro!

Take your time nurturing and developing yourself before taking in relationships.

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Take your time waiting for God’s perfect timing, not yours, for He said

When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.

Isaiah 60:22

Don’t rush yourself in a relationship just for a “fling”, but aim for a relationship in which you intend to offer the “ring”.

Invest yourself being the Right one first before you look for the right one.

Let God mold you to be the best version of yourself. Before you even pray for someone

He already knows you need one. He knows when you’re ready or not.

Relationships aren’t toys for you to play with.

Not a food you could spit when you didn’t like it, and definitely not a hobby you could change when you get bored of it.

Relationships are Future investments not just a spur of moments.

Getting into Relationships is building future with your potential partner, not just enjoying the feeling instead it is also making a commitment.

To the man who values the art of waiting, keep it up!. I know waiting is never easy but those who wait shall be rewarded Big time.

Always keep in mind He has better plans in the making.

He won’t Fail and disappoint you,

Trust the process and let him do.

He’ll make you experience a love thats true.

I believe someday you’ll be the happiest man while saying “Thank God I waited”.

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