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Good morning, mata naka? (Good morning, gising ka na?)

Kamusta ka diraa? ( Kamusta ka jan?)

Nikaon naka? (Kumain ka na?)

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Amping (Ingat)


Those are some of the affirmation words I shower you moment by moment however, you did not acknowledged it wholeheartedly because for you it is just a mere joke. Maybe you sugarcoated my being as an introvert woman who loves to chase and play people. That’s why I cannot position myself rightfully when I am being perceived in unjust manner. Days had past, it is part of my daily routine to received bare minimum commitment. It’s quite confusing where we find ourselves laughing and in love yesterday and find it’s hard to communicate today. You said you lost your trust but in the first place you lost your consistency. You forgot you are committed to a woman whom God gives you as a product of accountability. You disown me gently without knowing.

I offer the only thing which is precious for me to strengthen our commitment. Time. I always initiate if we can spend time with the nature because it is hard for me to take a break since I am a career oriented woman. If only you knew, I was not able to managed my personal business because I intend the night time as our kamustahan instead of seeking networks to strengthen my linkages. Indeed, life is a box of chocolate full of surprises and mine went frustrating. 3 months had passed my personal business will soon declare bankruptcy. I need to hustle hard by seeking appointments and chatting my fb friends where you find it as a form of cheating because I deleted the convo. In the midst of my business downfall your commitment also join.


I have manageable toxicities but you use it against me. I am willing to embrace your insecurities yet you chose to break free. I felt abandoned. Disowned. Not worth the risk. Unloved. Neglected. In order for me to cope up I learn to love myself even more. Affirm myself generously. Anticipate the things which will hurt my heart and seek a solitude place to grieve. I won’t take revenge on how you treated me because I don’t want to be like you. I know there are other woman who seeks your validation. May they also never experienced what I experience when I am still yours. My heart is hardly living because I feel unappreciated until we ended.



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