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Hey, you. I just wanted to tell you that I hope you are doing well during this pandemic. I hope that you are healthy and safe. I can’t be by your side during these hard times. And I don’t think I can ever be. From strangers, we turned into acquaintances and went back to being strangers again. It all went by very fast. I don’t even know how all of these happened. Were we meant to just pass by each other? Maybe I shouldn’t have forced things to happen like going home together or giving you food. Now I don’t know how we grew apart. Was it me or you? Or was it what the universe has planned all along? Maybe I wasn’t meant to be by your side. Maybe meeting you was supposed to be just a short chapter of the book. Maybe our time together was only limited. I just wish that it didn’t end this way. I wish I have all the answers. I wish I could ask you without losing my self-respect and pride. I wish you won’t hate me. I wish you could hear me. I can only wish.

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