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I want to send it to you..
But I realized that I have enough.
I uttered so many words that you may clearly read me, while you are acting blurred in my eyes.

I’ve been so open to you when I don’t need to,
I’ve been so stubborn, too loud, too expressive, too much…
Because I believe that we people should be like that..
I believe that we have to be who we are…
We have to give our best because I know life is short to keep myself distant. I isolated myself for years, build a wall around me, to protect my heart, afraid for attachment but I again broke them off and choose to be happy.. I choose to take the risk, for that term “Happiness” when I should have stay.

I choose to open my guards,
yes I chose to let you in.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Almost conquered, I see how distractive that plan is.. I am now trying to close the unentered gates of my kingdom but its hard…
No it is not yet late..
But it is hard..

I should have waited for JOY…
I should not get distracted..
I should not get curious..
I shouldn’t…
But I did…

I am merely drown to the thing I thought elixir of my life,
Until a hand pull me out, reminding me that conquering is not a friend’s game but enemy’s..
Reminded me of my worth..
Reminding me of my crown I dropped on the floor.

I am ready to wear it again,
though it’s hard to recover..
I am coming braver,

And oh! I was reminded that this kingdom isn’t mine,

I am just the soldier.


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