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What people don’t really understand is that sometimes, it’s okay not to be okay. Sometimes we push ourselves too hard on things we cannot do. We test ourselves to see if we can do things and ending up being exhausted. We force ourselves everyday to smile and pretend that everything is fine but in reality, it’s not okay. You are crying every night praying and begging Him to stop the pain because you can’t take it anymore. You’ll wake up the next morning tired and asking yourself, ”Do I really need to do this again?” You go no choice but to stand up and move your fucking ass because no one’s going to help you. Just you and your own self.

It’s really okay not to be okay. You can take a rest. It’s always valid. People might not understand why but that is okay. Your reasons are valid. Everyone needs to rest, right? Like those little kids after school or workers taking lunch breaks. It’s okay to stay in bed and not function at all. It’s okay to deactivate your social media accounts and take a break from your phone cause you need peace. It’s always okay to take a break and go somewhere when you can clear your head and relax after. It’s always okay to reset your plans and not give yourself a timeframe to avoid pressuring yourself. It’s okay and no one should judge you on your own decisions. If that’s going to help you get back on track then do it.

At the end of the day, the validations you need are for yourself. Love yourself more. Do all the things that can make you happy.

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Always remember, you only need yourself to be happy.

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