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You had your heart broken for so many times before. It made you afraid to take risks and be sincere with what you feel. You became tired and weary, thinking that having a relationship seems pointless. Your perspective about love has changed. You matured. You shifted your mind to your priorities. I guess you are doing well now. Your life became better when you learned to let go of the past. But you can’t deny the fact that there’s still a deep longing inside of you that screams out and helplessly desires for love. Would you choose to keep it and hide? Or would you let your heart beat again and take the chance?

So there you are, falling for someone again. That someone made you feel that you’re somehow important and special. That someone broke the walls in your heart. That someone managed to enter it and penetrate your soul. And yes, you felt whole. You had a lot of second thoughts. Would you ever be ready to handle another heartache? Would you ever be strong enough to face the consequences without knowing how this feeling would end? And finally, you let yourself feel it again.

Unfortunately, you realized that the majority of what you feel is somehow confusing. It could bring butterflies in your stomach. It could intensify your feelings. It could make your heart melt at any moment. This person made you believe that you could love again. But hey, it was never clear to begin with. Yes, your feelings are clear. But does he feel the same? At some point, you reflected on your condition and it suddenly snapped into your head that all you had was confusion. There was no label to begin with. It’s tiring and painful. Knowing that anytime, everything would just fade away.

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Would you settle for a love that has no label? At first it would seem normal. It would seem fine. You would feel happy and excited. But every moment that you’ve invested could be gone in an instant without even knowing how it all happened. You’ll cry a lot for someone who never treated you the same way. You’ll feel the agony inside. It would be extremely hard. You would regret that you opened your heart again. You don’t deserve that. You deserve a love that would never let you go. You deserve a love that would never give you second thoughts. You deserve a love that would complete your being, not destroy it. You deserve a love that would constantly fight for you. So if it brings you pain, you might want to think again. Choose the love that would always be sure of you. Choose clarity over tragedy.

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