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You’ll always be dear to my heart. I don’t know why, but maybe because you feel like home. Home is whenever I’m with you and when I’m in your arms. Home is when you look me in the eye and tell me how important I am in your life. Home is at its simplest when you call me at night just to check how my day went by. You are home, and I didn’t need mansions, all I ever loved was the simplicity of you. The last memory in my head was the night we both cried over the phone. You promised to wait for me, yes you did. Days went on and your voice resounded in my head. Your endless “I love you’s” keeps playing on repeat. Once they’re my dreams, oftentimes my nightmares. The pain is the result of me insisting on things that could not be done. I’ve been too attached to let you go but at the same time, it’s too painful to stay. At the least before giving up I’ve fought with everything I had, tried the best that I can to work this out, but I guess it’s time to let this end. I’ll accept the tragic reality of our story and move on with this life.

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