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You were questioning your worth because of somebody who used to show so much interest in you. Consider yourself as an expensive merchandise in a store: somewhere in your peaceful display, somebody comes up, holds you and shows so much interest to get you but upon checking your tag, he realizes you’re too expensive and that he couldn’t afford you. So he puts you back to where you were displayed, went out of the store and go on about his day. When that happens, does the store-owner decrease your value to meet what that person could only afford? No. You, the merchandise, would remain to be displayed with the proud tag until somebody who could afford you takes you out.

That’s how it goes in real life. People would want you, but only he who believes you are worth every price and effort would give you what you deserve. You don’t have to lower your value just for people to choose you. And you also don’t chase them when they couldn’t give back what you deserve. Never beg someone to pick you up and make you feel less. The right man will do what it takes just to have you. The right man will adjust to your self-value. The right man will come up and show you that you’re worth it all. Be faithful.

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