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During the season that we are hurting, we tend to forget that we also need to heal. We need to have our hearts mended by the One who can do the work. I also experienced what it feels like to be hurt and be in pain, so now I am sharing with you 10 things I learned when I was healing.

  1. Learn to accept what happened to you. Yes, that’s the first one I learned. Why? Because it is only in acceptance that we will be able to move to the next step of our healing process. So it may be hard, but accept that what happened really happened, and you cannot turn back time and fix what was once broken.
  2. Grieve well. A person that is hurt so much might damage another person unintentionally. So when you are in the process of healing, grieve well. Learn to give yourself time to pause. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be sad. Just make sure that after that, you’ll get up, bring yourself together, and move forward.
  3. Love more. Forgive more. Understand more. I know you were hurt, yes. But, please do know that you can still love and be loved. Learn the art of loving, forgiving, and understanding.
  4. Love is giving. Giving without asking something in return. Even if you were once hurt, please do know that love is about giving. Giving what you know is better for the other person. May it be peace, comfort, or even freedom.
  5. Learn to love yourself. Before we will be able to fully love a person, we first need to love ourselves. Love every inch of you. All your flaws, mistakes, and failures. Love everything in you and know that God has loved you more than you know.
  6. Be patient with yourselfDon’t be too hard on yourself. Take things slowly and learn at your own pace. It might be a long, the process may be painful, but know that He knows what He’s doing and He got your back.
  7. Wait on the Lord. Learn to wait on the Lord. Do not rush things. You do not need to be in a hurry because God has His own timeline for you. Wait until He gives you the right person at the right time and in the right place.
  8. Be intentional with your relationship with the Lord. During the season that I was so hurt, the only thing that kept me going was my relationship with the Lord. So, I encourage you to be intentional with your relationship with the Lord. Know Him more. Make time for Him.
  9. Learn to apply what you are learning from the Lord. Once we have a relationship with the Lord, we will be able to know what to do and what not to do. Now, it’s time for you to apply what God is teaching you. If He told you to love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you, do it. Because He won’t ask you to do something without equipping and preparing you.
  10. Enjoy, maximize, and honor your season. I learned this from Pastora Jamey Santiago-Manual and I am now seeing the beauty of it. Whatever season you may be right now, learn to enjoy it. Enjoy every bit of it. Whatever season you may be right now, learn to maximize it. Do the things that you love. Learn new things and meet new people. Whatever season you may be right now, learn to honor it. Respect your season and do not rush yourself to move to another season of your life. Know that God put you in that season for a reason.

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