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Google says, it traps insects then drowns them with rain water. I remembered someone while reading this on a boring day at work. It reminds me of you, yes you. My ninja ex. You looked so kind, vulnerable, so honest and it felt like it’s fantasy. It’s too good to be true. Finding a decent one in a world of fckbois? Mali pala ako HAHAHAHA isa kang malaking ninja. I was an insect, thirsty. Thirsty of true love and then you came, no, I saw you got lured by your heart, that is full of love. Little did I know that you’re one of those Nepenthaceae that lures prey and drowns them in. You let me drowned in your love. I enjoyed it at first but it slowly killed me. Thank you for letting me drown. Thank you for killing me. Because of that I was born again stronger, wiser.

A person told me that people who hurts someone is actually hurt inside.


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I’m not wishing you the best this time, but I’m wishing you less pain and agony everyday.

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