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Forgive me, my queen, for keeping you waiting for a long time.

I understand how tiring it is to wait at times. I know that there were times in the past when you asked yourself if there really is someone who will find you. Please understand that I don’t mean to keep you waiting. Please believe that I will find you. When I find you, I promise that your waiting will not be put to waste.


Forgive me, my queen, for seeking what the world could offer before I decided to seek your heart.

I began my search with wrong motives. I tried looking for ‘the one’ so that I might have someone who could make me look cool and “in.” I made myself believe that when I find ‘the one,’ I would get all the satisfactions that the world could offer. I thank God for continuously changing my heart and for causing me to abort my selfish mission. When I find you, I won’t stop seeking your heart.  

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Forgive me, my queen, for not being the best king yet who could serve you best.

Believe me when I say that you are most wonderful and beautiful as you are. You deserve nothing but the best. You don’t deserve the so-so things in life. For now, please accept my apologies. I still have issues within me that I need to settle. I still have some insecurities that I need to overcome. The LORD is still at work in this area of my life. When I find you, I pray that I’ll be ready to serve you with the best of my ability. Let me tell you again, you deserve nothing but the best.


Forgive me, my queen, for I have yet to ask for your FATHER’s blessings before I could pursue you.

You are God’s precious princess. God wouldn’t give you to a man who will not love you the way that He does. When I’m ready, I will ask for the KING’s approval to pursue you. I will not write it here how I will, but I assure you that everything will happen just in time.



Forgive me, my queen, for I can’t find any other words to express my feelings.

Forgive me, my queen, for writing these verses without the assurance that these will even reach you.

Forgive me, my queen, for I can’t give you my sweet and sincere promises yet.

Forgive me, my queen, for not being able to drive you to where you ought to go.

Forgive me, my queen, for being absent from all our dinner and movie dates.


Forgive me, my queen, for my prayer is not to be with you this soon.

I pray that you first find and fully understand the purest joy, perfect peace, and unconditional love that come from the LORD alone. My love for you surely won’t bring the stars and sun down from the sky, but His love made the Word, who created all the universe—moon, stars, sun, and all the other planets–, to live, die, and rise again for us.

I pray that we both fall in love with God first before we fall in love with each other. His perfect love will sustain our love for each other.


 Forgive me, my queen, and please wait for me.

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